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La Roux


The La Roux was part of my Digital Design class project during my Sophomore year (though I just currently finished my Junior Year in Interior Design/Architecture) in the School of Architecture, my group partner was Mabel Loh - also an Architecture student. The brief of the project was to design a promotional set for an artist - a poster, postcard and web banner - and we were given the privilege to choose our own artist. Not being familiar with the artist or her music, I had to do some research like listening to her music for days, collecting album covers, posters and crafting a technique.


One of the challenges we faced was the font used for most of La Roux’s  album art, the font was bespoke and we needed it to preserve the originality of the artist. I searched for the designer who designed the font for most of her album art, I emailed him explaining my school project and if he could provide my group the font for a non-commercial project, he never replied. The only option was to redraw the font in Adobe Illustrator and it came out good, most of our classmates thought we had the original font.


Another challenge was knowing what direction to navigate the design, after several sketches and dialogues we designed to use a crystalized polygonal  approach for the main piece - the poster. Knowing her hair was a distinctive feature and was really familiar amongst her fans, we decided to refine our polygons using octagons to connect them along with the use of constellations to define her face. The use of the London skyline with the view of St Paul’s Cathedral paid homage to the arist native country - England. The background was inspired by our understanding of her music as futuristic and edgy, so we decided to study lots of space photos before designing our poster. To add feel and depth to the poster, we integrated wood textures and halftones, finally we added reflection to the London skyline to further add depth to the overall design.


The postcard carried a similar language from the poster while the web banner had some attributes to match the poster and complete the set. Though, we had different iterations on where her iconic portrait should be positioned on the web banner, we finally agreed on what works best after testing it on a beta blog.


"Limit is a Myth."

This phrase came to me while working-out in my college gym. Normally when I exercise I am constantly thinking, mostly of designs and how the creation of man (design) could improve our civilization, taking it to the next level. Then I thought of all man’s creations and inventions, so many times critics say that it cannot be done, so many times they say it is impossible and so many times they say you have reached the limit. But time and time again man has triumphed, pushing limits, breaking grounds and setting new limits for it to be broken again. 

Our minds can do wonders and we sometimes do not have an idea of how wealthy (in terms of ideas) we are and what we can do with such wealth. As a design student in college I have learnt to keep a sketchbook/notebook wherever I go, though it took years to get into the habit but happily it’s now part of my lifestyle. There I write down ideas for the future, what I feel the future would look like and how I can contribute to the future generations, but that starts now by breaking those limits left by my predecessors.

A New Era


Hello design enthusiast,

The internet (Tumblr) has been a great source of inspiration since I joined in May 2012. I have been able to find interesting articles, photos and GIFs that have inspired me, also, I have been able to reblog (find and take) things I come across online and its been a wonderful experience.

findntake will be taking a new direction, that is, going back to the core of its creation. The primary reason for this blog was to share my discoveries, thoughts and visions for the future; also, how design could play a vital role in these developments.

I hope you follow my blog, comment and share ideas. As for inspiration, my Pintrest boards will be a platform for such activities.

Thank you,


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